Parts & Repair Testimonial

“To date, we seem to be getting about 2 to 3 times the life with the new style bits. Compare this to other hogs we have had were maintained at least weekly and you will see there is no comparison at all.”

Rawlings 24 / 7 Customer Service

Yourselves and Rawlings as a company have proven to be about as reliable and helpful as any company I have dealt with in my 12 years in this job
~Norampac Trenton

Used 48 ” Chipper

Super Hi-Inertia™ Rotor Retrofits

Rawlings Wood Hog Rotor

Solid Steel Super Hi-Inertia Rotor, The Rawlings rotor is the highest crushing impact rotor in the industry. Supplying massive kinetic energy to power through really difficult to grind material like stringy cedar, black spruce.

Rawlings Parts & Service Department

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In the continuing effort to provide innovative products Rawlings Manufacturing Inc. consistently performs extensive research to improve the longevity of our spare parts to our customers .