What is Biomass Power?

Biomass Power is carbon neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills or burned. Materials that makeup biomass include scrap lumber, forest debris, certain crops, manure, municipal waste, and some types of wood residue.

“Cogeneration is a very efficient technology to generate electricity and heat. It is also called Combined Heat and Power (CHP) as cogeneration produces heat and electricity simultaneously. Cogeneration supplies currently 11% of electricity and 15% of heat in Europe. Using a fuel to simultaneously generate heat and electricity with a single unit is more efficient and cost-effective than generating heat and electricity separately in two different units.”

~ https://www.cogeneurope.eu/knowledge-centre/what-is-cogeneration


Rawlings wood waste grinders are currently operating at several of the largest biomass power plants in the United States. Since 1976, we have focused on manufacturing grinding equipment that turns low-grade materials like wood waste into valuable fiber commodities like wood fuels. The United States is currently the largest producer of electricity from biomass having more than half of the world’s installed capacity.

Biomass represents 1.5% of the total electricity supply compared to 0.1% for wind and solar combined. More than 7800 MW of power is produced in biomass power plants installed at more than 350 locations in the U.S., which represent about 1% of the total electricity generation capacity. According to the International Energy Agency, approximately 11% of the energy is derived from biomass throughout the world.

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The Green Wood Eating Machine

Fossil fuel and nuclear energy are not going anywhere any time soon. However, with growing support in the United States and favorable statewide green-energy legislation, the future for biomass is bright. When efficiently collected and processed, biomass is affordable and reliable.

As a proven leader in size reduction technology, Rawlings builds custom wood recovery systems that meet your specific processing needs and budget. Each system can be designed with work platform decks, choice of belt, chain, vibrating in-feed and out-feed conveyors, metal or magnet protection, product screening, and separation, all customizable for your specific operation. Stationary, portable, and skid mount models available. Contact us today to learn more about how our wood waste grinders can assist your biomass cogeneration efforts.

Wood Waste Grinders for Biomass Power Plants