I wanted to share with you a few comments about our recent Rotor Retro-fit to the Rawlings Hi-Inertia Rotor completed in January of this year. Before the change we were having to turn the strikers or resurface every two weeks and completely change out every six weeks. It is now 17 weeks using Rocwear strikers and bits and we have yet to change any parts. That is operating over 85 hours a week or 1445 hours. Friday is maintenance day and it seemed like we were spending 8 hours on maintenance. Now, its open it up, inspect, and close it back up. In a test done just before the change, we processed a log about 10″ diameter x 8′ long. It took about 17 seconds to process a mix including unusable sticks up to 20 x 2 ½. After the conversion we processed the same size log through which cleared in 10 seconds with a consistent quality 3 inch minus we’ve maintained everyday since.In the final analysis we successfully:

  • Reduced maintenance costs (parts & labor) over 80%
  • Satisfied our customers with a consistent 3 minus hog fuel.
  • Eliminated conveying problems.
  • Reduced or eliminated unnecessary shutdowns.
“Thank you for your assistance in helping the conversion run smoothly. We are very pleased with your product.”  
~ Millar Western Boyle Alberta
Customer Testimonial on Rotor Retrofit of a Universe Hog