MLTC Bioenergy Centre: Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Bioenergy Center A first-of-its-kind project is about to come online in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan The MLTC Bioenergy Centre consists of a 6.6 MW power generation system that is fueled primarily by biomass sawmill residuals. The plant produces 55,000 mw-hrs

Columbia Cedar -Turning Cedar Waste Into Mulch

                      Watch a Rawlings 460 Horizontal Feed Hog process wood waste for a mulch bagging operation at Columbia  Cedar in Kettle Falls, Washington Project: Columbia Cedar Kettle Falls Washington Mulch

Railroad Tie Grinding Systems Projects

 “With approximately 207,000 miles of occupied track in the United States and supporting crossties of approximately 3,000 per mile, railroads have approximately 620 million crossties currently in used in the U. S. Ties wear out through normal decay, insect

Super Hi-Inertia™ Rotor Retrofits

Rawlings Wood Hog Rotor

Solid Steel Super Hi-Inertia Rotor, The Rawlings rotor is the highest crushing impact rotor in the industry. Supplying massive kinetic energy to power through really difficult to grind material like stringy cedar, black spruce.

Wood Waste Grinders for Biomass Power Plants

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What is Biomass Power? Biomass Power is carbon neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills or burned. Materials that makeup biomass include scrap lumber, forest debris, certain crops, manure, municipal waste, and some

Wood Waste Processing Equipment for Sawmills, Paper Mills & Pellet Mills

Sawmills produce hardwood and softwood lumber as well as usable by-products for the pulp, paper, and pellet industries. These by-products include sawdust, bark, woodchips, wood pellets, and oriented strand board.  Sawmills have increased their efficiency by minimizing waste and using

Rawlings Wood Grinders for Composting Wood Waste

A photograph of a large pile of wood waste material

How Important is compost production In the US? “The U.S. EPA has estimated that 250 million tons of MSW are generated, and contain 13.5 percent yard trimmings and 14.5 percent food waste (EPA, 2012). Therefore, the yard trimmings amount to

Wood Waste Recycling Machinery

Rawlings Manufacturing, Rawlings Wood Hogs, Wood Grinders, Wood Hogs, Wood Waste Recovery

How Much Urban Wood Waste Goes into Landfills in the US? With the growing demand for reducing landfill usage, recycling wood waste has been on the rise in recent years.  Overall, wood waste accounts for about 8.7% of the total

Wood Recycling Equipment for Waste-To-Energy Plants

A photograph of a vertical Rawlings wood grinder on platform at a Waste-to-Energy plant in Sydney Australia

ResourceCo Wetherill Park RRF Plant: Sydney, Australia What is Waste To energy Cogeneration?                     Many communities and businesses are developing new ways to reduce and better manage Municipal Solid Waste (MSW),

Coal to Biomass Power Plant Conversion

A photograph of a Rawlings Industrial Wood Grinder at the Mitshubishi Cement Plant

Rawlings completed one of the first wood waste recovery systems to introduce biomass as fuel to heat cement kilns at Mitsubishi Cement in Lucerne Valley California.