Rawlings 4872 Vertical Feed Hog processes debarker waste at 90 tons per Hour with a single 600 HP motor. The vertical wood grinder’s upper case has a clam shell opening to allow easy access to full rotor for ease of maintenance. Watch for our “Old School” Vibration test with the Nickel on hog base. Each machine is equipped with the Rawlings Super Hi-Inertia™ Solid Steel Rotor. With the increased inertia of the solid steel rotor our machine runs at lower RPM’S than our competitors resulting in overall savings of electricity and maintenance costs. Rawlings vertical wood grinders offers a complete line up of seven different sizes of both vertical and horizontal hogs to fit any application.

Vertical Hog Brochure

Rawlings Vertical Feed Wood Hog

“Its Easy Being Green” 

Rawlings Vertical wood hogs are available in 7 different sizes, in both vertical and horizontal models to fit any application; from simple stand-alone vertical grinders, to complete multi-dimensional Horizontal grinding systems. As a proven leader in size reduction equipment, we’re assisting our customers in utilizing renewable resources while reducing and recycling a wide variety of wood waste into valuable wood fiber products. Each vertical wood grinder can be designed with work platform decks, choice of belt, chain or vibrating in-feed and out-feed conveyors, metal or magnet protection, product screening and separation, receiving transfers and walking floor storage bins all customizable for your specific operation.

Vertical Grinder Specs

  • Designed with rock crusher technology the machines are extremely tolerant of contaminants, rocks and metal without catastrophic maintenance costs if metal enters the grinding chamber. The Safety Swing away Anvil triggers the shear pin to shear allowing the anvil and grate to open if excessive shock loads or ungrindables are encountered immediately turning off the power to the hog.  The anvil pivots at the top of the housing with the shear pins at the bottom next to the impact of the striker bars. The anvil shear pins are mounted in removable brackets ensuring quick turnaround time to remove large sections of tramp metal and have the hog up and running again.
  • Our Patented Rocwear™ striker plates and striker tips. These are easily replaceable when worn and provide tremendous wear life with superior grinding performance. The Rocwear system consists of a striker base which gets bolted onto the rotor and a rotatable striker tip that gets bolted to the striker. The strikers serve the purpose of protecting the rotor from wear and shock as they are designed to absorb impact loads. It has been shown that with this setup, the time to change each bit takes only about 2.5 minutes and requires only one maintenance personnel. Not only does the Rocwear system provide an easier way to maintain the rotor, they have also been proven to last much longer than standard T-1strikers.
  • Rawlings design team pays attention to detail in design and manufacturing to ensure that the Rawlings vertical wood grinder is easy to maintain and designed to run 24/7 continuously with high loads of abrasive material. Our vertical grinders have proven track records in some of the toughest applications that exist with our “Legacy” machines still in operation well over 20 years after they have been put into operation.



Rawlings Vertical Wood Grinder