Verical Wood Hogs
Twin 36 x 60 dual Rawlings Vertical Hogs processing chip overs at a pulp and paper mill in Arkansas

Sawmills produce hardwood and softwood lumber as well as usable by-products for the pulp, paper, and pellet industries. These by-products include sawdust, bark, woodchips, wood pellets, and oriented strand board.  Sawmills have increased their efficiency by minimizing waste and using these by-products in a variety of fields.

Rawlings offers a complete line up of wood waste processing equipment for the sawmill, paper, pulp, pellet, and biomass industries to convert and utilize wood residuals into valuable wood fiber products. Rawlings Super Hi-Inertia™ waste wood grinders provide the crushing and shearing power needed to handle really tough jobs, like green waste, cypress, redwood, cedar, poplar, and a wide range of other stringy and fibrous materials.

 The scope of supply can vary from complete systems to individual equipment delivery. Rawlings equipment is designed for continuous operation with special attention paid to maintenance intervals  to minimize overall maintenance costs. With over 45 years of experience in the sawmill and forest-related industries, we have the knowledge to assist our customers in selecting the right wood waste processing equipment to meet their specifications.

We invite you to inquire about any of the projects that we have completed as we can provide you with full details. Contact us today to discuss how our wood waste processing equipment can help you if you’re in the sawmill, pulp, pellet, paper, or biomass industries.


Wood Waste Processing Equipment for Sawmills, Paper Mills & Pellet Mills