Rawlings has provided custom-designed wood hogs to various industries and for a number of different uses. We’ve even provided wood waste recycling equipment for those interested in undergoing coal-to-biomass power plant conversion.

Replacing Coal with Biomass in cement kilns

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Rawlings has completed one of the first wood waste recovery systems to introduce biomass as fuel to heat cement kilns at Mitsubishi Cement in Lucerne Valley California.

Biomass Fuel Lucerne Valley



The system is capable of processing and storing up to 350 Tons of premium biomass fuelwood waste to be burned along with coal to reduce the number of greenhouse emissions. The biomass will replace part of the annual tons of coal the plant would otherwise have used.

How does the Wood Hog Fit into the System?

The Rawlings Electric portable wood hog is a rugged, high-performance hog that can reduce various types and sizes of contaminated wood waste to biomass fuel.

Once the wood waste has been processed through the hog, the metal is removed by an overhead self-cleaning magnet and then conveyed to a walking floor stoker storage system.

To ensure the optimal size end product the wood waste is then processed over two vibrating finger screens and then transferred to the kilns via a blower system. Rawlings designed, manufactured, and installed this system and has an ongoing consulting relationship with plant management and personnel.

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Custom wood waste recovery systems

Rawlings Waste Wood grinding systems come in all shapes and sizes, from simple stand-alone vertical hogs for saw and paper mills, to complete multi-dimensional custom horizontal hog systems for processing facilities that incorporate various combinations of primary shredders, screens, conveyors, magnetic separators, and secondary grinders to assure specific product size.

If you’re interested in undergoing coal-to-biomass power plant conversion or require wood waste recycling equipment for any other uses, please reach out to us at your convenience. We invite you to inquire about any of the projects that we have completed and can provide you with full details and a complete customer contact list.


Coal to Biomass Power Plant Conversion