How Important is compost production In the US?

“The U.S. EPA has estimated that 250 million tons of MSW are generated, and contain 13.5 percent yard trimmings and 14.5 percent food waste (EPA, 2012). Therefore, the yard trimmings amount to about 34 million tons and the food waste to 36 million tons. Of the total 70 million tons, 27.4 million are composted (39%), based on the findings of the Columbia Survey.”


This is why, at Rawlings Manufacturing, we develop wood waste recycling equipment for a variety of uses. Our industrial wood waste grinders for the compositing of wood waste are designed to meet your exact specifications. Read on to learn more about how we’ve helped other clients in the past.

Whistler (canada) Composting Facility Case Study

This video is of Whistler Composting facility located in Canada explaining their process of turning food and wood waste from the community and bio-solids from the sewage treatment plant into profitable, nutrient-rich Class A compost or bio-fuel.
They are using a Rawlings 460 HZX to grind the wood waste to the desired size.

How a Rawlings Wood Hog Works in the Wood Waste Recycling at Whistler

A Rawlings 460 Electric Stationary Wood Grinder and the state of the art in-vessel composting tunnels assist the community towards its goal of zero waste.  Rawlings assisted with the design of the wood waste processing system to grind the incoming wood waste.

This system is complete with a belt in-feed and out-feed conveyor, metal detector, work platform, Rawlings Horizontal grinder, overhead self-cleaning magnet and electrical control panel to operate the system. The in-vessel system processes complex feed stock, while addressing concerns of odor generation and leachate. The system relies on fully enclosed flow through tunnels to transform organic wastes into a fine soil-like material over a 14-day period. By controlling oxygen, moisture and temperature, the in-vessel system provides control over the decomposition of organic matter that exceeds all standards set for composting facilities in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. Compact, fully enclosed and modular in design, the system is not affected by the weather.

Rawlings Horizontal wood hogs are available in 5 different sizes, each system can be designed with work platform decks, choice of belt, chain, vibrating in-feed and out-feed conveyors, metal or magnet protection and product screening that allows the customer to protect their investment while producing a high quality consistent end product.  The Horizontal Model is the best suited grinder for processing brush, yard waste, storm debris, C&D waste and other mixed bulky wood feedstocks.

The Rawlings design team pays attention to detail in design and manufacturing to ensure that your Rawlings industrial wood waste grinder for the composting of wood waste is easy to maintain and designed to run 24/7 continuously with high loads of abrasive material. Our machines have proven track records in some of the toughest applications that exist.  We have our “legacy “machines still in operation well over 20 years after they have been put into operation.


Rawlings Wood Grinders for Composting Wood Waste