“Highest Mass Moment Of Inertia In the Industry”

The Rawlings Super-Hi Inertia Rotor is designed to maximize inertia while minimizing its weight.  The cam profile of the Rawlings Super Hi-Inertia Rotor prevents feed surges by keeping material closer to the cutting edge of the bits.

A red Rawlings rotor next to an old beat up rotor at a sawmill.
The Rawlings rotor is on the left and a competitor rotor is on the right. The cam profile keeps the material closer to the cutting edge of the striker bits.

Our competitors’ rotary hogs typically have rotors with flat sides.  The flat sides allow more material to enter the grinding chamber compared to the Rawlings cam profile. Because of its cam profile, the Rawlings rotor has a constant feed opening allowing for a more even feed into the machine.

The inertia of the Rawlings rotor is also increased with the cam profile design.  This increase in inertia over flat-sided rotors usually ranges between 16-27%.  The increase in inertia produces an increase in kinetic energy which is what powers the rotor through feed surges.  This translates to better productivity for our customers.

Even with the increase in inertia, the Rawlings Super-Hi Inertia rotor maintains a lower weight than most flat-sided rotors.  The Rawlings rotor usually is between 10-15% lighter than most rotors of the same overall size.

Please contact us for further information to RETROFIT your existing hog.

“We replaced the existing rotor in our 48×60 Rotary Hog and found the change fantastic. Before the change we were having to turn the strikers or resurface every two weeks and completely change out every six weeks. It is now 17 weeks using Rocwear strikers and bits and we have yet to change any parts. That is operating over 85 hours a week or 1445 hours.  Friday is maintenance day and it seemed like we were spending 8 hours on maintenance.  Now, its open it up, inspect, and close it back up.”

-Millar Western Boyle Alberta


Rawlings Rotor (Left) – Competitors Rotor (right)


Rawlings Super Hi-Inertia Rotors