The MLTC Bioenergy Centre will turn wood waste from the NorSask Forest Products mill into electricity for 5,000 homes in Saskatchewan and heat and power for a new continuous kiln. Photos courtesy Meadow Lake Tribal Council.

Rawlings Manufacturing  was selected as the successful supplier for the wood processing system being installed at the MLTC Bioenergy Center in Meadow Lake Saskatchewan .

The MLTC Bioenergy Centre consists of a 6.6 MW power generation system that is fueled primarily by biomass sawmill residuals. The plant produces 55,000 mw-hrs per year to the SaskPower grid, and provides low-carbon process heating (kilns and building heat). The objective of MLTC’s bioenergy project is to generate carbon-neutral green power using sawmill biomass residuals and to reduce air emissions by eliminating one of Canada’s last remaining beehive burners. The project consists of installation of a bioenergy power plant at the Meadow Lake Tribal Council’s (MLTC) Norsask sawmill site located near Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

“A first-of-its-kind project is about to come online in Meadow Lake, Sask. The Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC)’s new Bioenergy Centre, which will be operational in 2023 and will turn wood waste from the nearby NorSask Forest Products sawmill into electricity, powering around 5,000 homes in Saskatchewan and providing heat and power for a new continuous kiln.

The project will not only reduce the MLTC’s greenhouse gas emissions, it will also provide economic benefits to local Indigenous communities and companies, explains Tina Rasmussen, corporate development and administration officer with MLTC Industrial Investments.”

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A first for Saskatchewan: Inside MLTC’s new Bioenergy Centre


MLTC Bioenergy Centre