A History of Hard Work  

The Rawlings family knows the meaning of hard work. The family business started out as a sawmill Construction Company in 1976. While growing a successful business and reputation within the forest industry, Pat and Cliff Rawlings raised their three sons, John, Craig and Mike, in and around sawmills, working and learning the industry from the inside out.

History of the Rawlings Wood Hog

In the early 1980s, Cliff developed the Rawlings solid rotary wood hog. During this time, sawmills had generally used hammer mills to pulverize bark into hog fuel for boilers, but many had given up on processing cedar because the bark was so stringy. Cliff’s new grinder used a system of solid rotors that efficiently reduced the more challenging bark without the usual equipment breakdown. The same concept is being utilized today in the Rawlings wood hog. In 1996 John Rawlings improved on his father’s original rotary hog design an introduced the Super Hi-Inertia™ Rotor. Since then, Rawlings has earned the reputation for a heavy duty wood hog that can handle tough materials, such as green waste, cypress, redwood and cedar. Rawlings has manufactured and marketed several series of product lines offering its customers wood waste processing equipment in a full range of sizes and models.

Saw Dust in Their Veins

All three sons have continued working in and around the forest and sawmill industries. Some would say they have sawdust in their veins. John Rawlings, current Owner and President of Rawlings Manufacturing, Inc., also known as the “Hog Doctor”, has continued to manufacture the Rawlings wood hog, while developing custom wood and bark recovery systems. Craig Rawlings, President and CEO of Forest Business Network, is a walking textbook on woody biomass, and is recognized as a national expert and leader in under-utilized timber and woody biomass. And Mike Rawlings, President of Rawlings Industrial, is a leading builder of saw mills, chip mills, and planer mills and has earned the trust of mill owners, project managers and engineers nationwide.

Rawlings Manufacturing, Inc. still knows the importance of owning and operating a family owned company. The next generation of Rawlings, Cliff Rawlings, is currently work at the company and bring new energy to the future vision at Rawlings. Much of the family’s growth is a result of the rock solid work ethic that is inherited from their parents and grandparents.

We would like to thank our customers for making this milestone happen.



Rawlings Manufacturing Inc. Celebrating the Company’s 40th Year Anniversary