Designed with rock crusher technology, our horizontal wood grinders are extremely tolerant of contaminants, rocks, and metal without catastrophic maintenance costs if metal enters the grinding chamber. The Rawlings HZX is protected by an Anvil Safety Shear Swing Away Feature, that allows metal and other damaging objects to drop through onto the out-feed conveyor. When the pins are sheared, a protection circuit shuts down the hog and conveyor.  The anvil shear pins are mounted in removable brackets ensuring quick turnaround time to remove large sections of tramp metal and have the hog up and running again.
Super Hi-Inertia™ Rotor.  Each machine is equipped with our solid steel Super Hi Inertia™ rotor. With the increased inertia of the solid steel sections, our machine provides the crushing and shearing power needed to handle really tough applications like green waste, cypress, redwood, cedar, and black spruce without continuous jam-ups.
The Rawlings machine runs at lower RPM’S than our competitor’s machines and half the speed of conventional hammer mills resulting in overall savings of electricity and maintenance costs.
The cam profile of the Rawlings rotor prevents feed surges by keeping material closer to the cutting edge of the bits. This translates to better productivity as the in-feed conveyor is stalled less frequently and less downtime as the increased energy reduces the number of motor drive stalls.
Our Rocwear striker plates and striker tips are easily replaceable when worn and provide tremendous wear life with superior grinding performance.
Our heavy-duty grate assemblies are equipped with rotatable grate liners available in several patterns to produce a high-quality consistent end product.

What Is Unique About Rawlings Manufacturing Wood Hogs?