Rawlings Rotary Mill for Mineral Waste

The Rawlings Skid Mounted Drilling Waste System

Designed to process contaminated mineral waste from drilling operations

The Rawlings unique helical striker orientation generates powerful forces with enough kinetic energy frame adjustment for striker tolerances to meet product specification, allowing full product control.

  • Dual grind units with a metering feed device to precisely control the in-feed materials.
  • Contaminated mineral waste is processed to a specific size and discharged to an out feed device for future handling.
  • Rugged machines that can process wet, frozen, dry and mixed materials.
  • Upper case is opened hydraulically for quick and easy service access
  • Reduces parts inventory, Easy to maintain, Tremendously strong structure
  • Oversize components
  • Easy replacements of all wear surfaces and components.
  • Easy to install/skid-mounted unit
  • Operates with very little dynamic vibration
  • Long-wearing chrome alloy striker plates
  • High kinetic/impact energy
  • Variable product graduation
  • Triple action to crush materials:Shearing Impact Attrition
  • Extra-heavy block turns at a high RPM, much like a flywheel, enabling it to employ stored kinetic energy for both crushing and ease in handling any surges of feed materials.
  • Alternate discharge locations have been built into the units, for variable product gradation.