Rawlings Vertical Wood Grinders (PXI & PXZ)

Rawlings-Vertical Wood Hog Brochure

Rawlings Super Hi Inertia Hogs are the most most productive and cost efficient wood hogs available.  For over 40 Years our machines have proven track records in some of the toughest applications that exist .  Our Wood Hog is known in the industry with crushing and shearing power to handle hard to grind materials such as stringy cedar bark, green spruce bark, all kinds of mill wood waste, demolition debris, butt ends, railroad ties.  As a proven leader in size reduction equipment were assisting our customers  in utilizing renewable resources while reducing and recycling a wide variety of wood waste into valuable wood fiber products .  Each system can be designed with work platform decks, choice of belt, chain or vibrating in-feed and out-feed conveyors. Metal or magnet protection, product screening and separation, receiving transfers and walking floor storage bins all customizable for your specific operation.

With over 40 years of experience in the forest and sawmill related industries, Rawlings delivers a reputation for durability , performance and reliability.


  • Super Hi-Inertia Rotor supplies  massive kinetic energy to power through the largest feed surges.
  • With increased inertia of the Rawlings Super Hi Inertia Solid Steel Rotor our machine runs at 565 RPM’S resulting in overall  savings  of electricity and maintenance costs
  • Lowest Energy consumption of any wood grinder available on the market
  • The Rawlings Super Hi-Inertia Hog  provides the crushing and shearing power needed to handle really tough jobs like green waste, cypress, redwood, cedar, black spruce, poplar and a wide range of other stringy and fibrous materials.
  • Tolerant of Contaminants, Rocks, Metal without catastrophic maintenance costs if metal enters the grinding chamber
  • Our Machines are designed to operate 24/7 365 Days a year.
  • Quality grind –Consistent product
  • Bottom line productivity, reliability, with the lowest maintenance costs per ton of material processed.
  • Proven track records in some of the toughest applications that exist

Rawlings Wood Grinders process the following wood residuals

  • Wood & Bark
  • Biomass Feed stock
  • C&D Debris
  • Chip Overs
  • Lily Pads
  • Log Ends & Log Yard Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Urban Wood Waste
  • Food Waste