Stationary Electric Wood Grinder

Stationary Electric Wood Grinders

Wood Waste Recovery

Rawlings Horizontal Grinders provide a complete solutions to your size reduction needs,
delivering superior processing performance while minimizing horsepower and maintenance requirements. A proven leader in reduction technology,Each system can be designed with work platform decks, choice of belt, chain or vibrating in-feed
and out-feed conveyors . Metal or magnet protection, product screening and separation all
customizable for your specific operation Electric power costs are typically much lower than diesel fuel costs. In today’s changing economy, electric power may just be the answer to increasing your profits.

Rawlings stationary electric grinders features dual electric drive motors and a fully proportional hydraulic feed system for efficient processing of diverse feed stocks. Sizing screens insure a consistent sized finished fuel product. Machine capacity ranges from 40-100 tons per hour, depending on feed stock and finished product size. The horizontal feed is ideal for processing long edgings and panels, as well as shorter trim material. The powered feed mechanism insures a metered and controlled feed to the grinder producing a consistent finished product, while the slow speed, high torque cutting action means lower horsepower and lower noise.

As a proven leader in wood reduction technology, Each system can be designed
with work platform decks, choice of belt, chain or vibrating in-feed
and out-feed conveyors . Metal or magnet protection, product
screening and separation all customizable for your specific

Rawlings has complete  solutions for processing and sizing different biomass and forest materials. The scope of supply can vary from complete systems to
individual equipment delivery. Rawlings Equipment is designed for continuous
operation. Special attention has been paid to maintenance intervals and ease of maintenance access to minimize overall maintenance costs.