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Rocwear Solutions wear parts for wood hogs

In the continuing effort to provide innovative products Rawlings Manufacturing Inc. consistently performs extensive research to improve the longevity of our spare parts to our customers .

Not only does the Rocwear system provide an easier way to maintain the rotor, they have also been proven to last much longer than standard T-1 strikers. They are cast from a proprietary alloy with Rockwell C hardness between 45 to 50. T-1 plate has a hardness of less than 30 Rocwell C.  With less down time and easier maintenance customers have applauded both the Super-Hi Inertia rotor as well as the Rocwear striker system.

Suitable for the following machines Rawlings | Solid Rotary Hogs |Universe Clark Falcon | Grizzly | M-K

  • Fast Maintenance
  • Cuts 30 minutes job down to 2 minutes
  • Tough long wearing RocWear with rotatable bits
  • Z-197 bits easily rotate to a second wear surface
  • No more costly hard surfacing
  • Rawlings Rotor Retrofits-Retrofit your hog with a Super Hi-Inertia rotor
  • Custom hammer mill screens and wear parts for competitors machines
  • Bolt in rotatable hog screens
  • 24/7 customer service

“Sometime in early 2006, we changed to the new round style Hi-inertia rotor with Rawlings RocWear system. The only parts we have to change out are the Z-197 striker bits and fasteners. We used to go about 2 to 3 months or so before having to rotate the bits and the same to changing them out. To date, we seem to be getting about 2 to 3 times the life with the new style bits. Compare this to other hogs we have had were maintained at least weekly and you will see there is no comparison at all.”

-Rawlings Rocwear Customer














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